1What type of courses do you have?
1 on 1 Tailor-made Courses Group Courses Chinese Culture courses [Please check here for more info… ]
2When can I begin study Mandarin at Chinese Corner?
Any time and any day you prefer. [Please check here for more info… ]
3Where are classes held?
Chinese Corner office - we encourage our learners to come to our office for better learning atmosphere, more teaching resources and get well oriented with Chinese Corner family.
Your office or home - We can arrange a teacher to come to your place of preference.
On-line - On-line courses are becoming more and more popular since more learners are enjoying Chinese learning while they are in their home country. More convenient at the comforts of your home!
4What’s your teachers like?
70%of our teachers either hold a degree in teaching Chinese as a second language or they had the TCSOL certification, many teachers are also teaching in Universities or overseas with Confucius institute. The selecting and training process of teachers are strict and professional, We make sure our teachers are of high teaching standard, knowledgeable in their field, efficient and yet flexible in teaching style. Regular teachers training (Champion Teachers Corner) are held each month to maintain and continuously improve quality of teaching methods.
5How long do I need to learn basic Daily Oral Chinese?
We have Survival Chinese package, if you learn every day, you could master it in 4 weeks. If you learn about 2 classes per week, you could finish the course in 15-20 weeks.
6Can I have a trial class before enrolment?
Yes, we can give you a free demo class before you decide whether to enroll or not. This can be possibly arranged by letting us know your study goal and your free time when to take the demo class. After the demo class, we can sit down with you and answer any other questions you may have.
7Do you evaluate my Chinese level before I begin my study?
Yes, because this will help you and us to create your study plan. It will make your study journey easier to reach your desired goals.
8Why is Chinese Corner different from universities and other Mandarin schools?
• We place strongly focus on teaching and service quality. Professional and variety of training for teachers each month. Reasonable and applicable teaching plan will be just made to meet your needs. Our feedback system will keep our class be in good pace and help to reach your learning goal. 95% of our clients come due to month to month recommendation.
• Our teacher is not only your study coach but also a friend who can occasionally assist you in your adjustment period in Chengdu. We make sure that sufficient assistance and support are given to our students as they adapt with China life.
• More than 12 kinds of courses are offered regularly. Whatever your learning goals are, you will always find the right curriculum here that suits your need.
• We offer comfortable, conducive learning environment and cozy classrooms for learning.
• PLUS… You are part of a community development project in helping the poor as we give 5% of our net profit to a local NGO who are working with children in villages. And you can actually even volunteer!
• We offer so much more than just academic Mandarin teaching!
9Do you have summer camp?
Yes, we start to organize summer Camp since 2011, for the current summer camp.[please click here for up date info…]
10Do you offer accommodation as well?
Yes, we could help you with hotel booking service for our learners for free, and we had Short term accommodation solution from 1 week to 1 year in different prices.[Please check here for more info…]
11Where do Chinese Corner Students come from?
There have been 3400 learners from 70 different countries till end of 2015, The data of 2015, ??% of our learners from North America, Europe, Australia; ??% of learners from Asia, like Korea, Japan, Thailand, India, Philippines, another ??% of learners are from other different countries.
12How do I come to your school?
  • English: Orchard Villas, JinLai Building 1-3-1, TongZiLin DongLu No.3, (across Tongzilin Donglu’s Peter's Tex-Mex restaurant)
  • Chinese:桐梓林东路3号锦绣花园西区锦莱楼1-3-1 (You could just show the address to taxi driver)
  • Chinese Pinyin:Tong zi lin dong lu 3 hao,jin xiu hua yuan xi qu,jin lai lou 1-3-1
  • You could come by:
  • Metro line 1, get off at tong zilin station,Exit B.
  • Bus number 63,92,109,139, get off at South RenNan Flyover (West).
  • Taxi or walk, you can give us a call if you need help(189 0820 6373).
  • 13Other than teaching Mandarin, do you organize interesting events as well?
    Of course, Chinese corner is not only a language school, we’d also like to show you the real China and its Culture. We offer Regular Chinese painting and Calligraphy Courses. Also you can learn dumpling/Tang yuan making, practice tai-chi, play Mahiong, Paper Cutting and a lot more and make friends at the same time.
    14What age do you teach?
    Our students are as young as 4 to 72 years old, majority of the learners are from 14 to 50 years old.