麦肯希 (US)

Chinese corner is really a great place to study Chinese, I have tried other schools but theirs has the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the most engaging classes. I recommend it to my friends, and I recommend it to you too!

Donnelly (Costa Rica)

Para aprender Chino Chinese Corner es el lugar!  Los profesores tienen mucha experiencia educativa ofreciendo diferentes formas para aprender.  Ademas, son flexibles con el horario del estudiante.  Me fascina!!!

손자운 (Korea)

개인의 학습 수준에 따라 교재를 선택하고 교수법이 이루어지는 수업환경은, 중국생활의 긴장감과 더불어, 언어를 모른다는 불안함을 많이 내려놓게 했습니다. 타인과 비교하지 말며, 여유를 가지라는 격려와 질문에 성실히 대답해주는 교사 분들의 배려에 감사합니다

Pedro (Spain)

Desde el primer día, el equipo de profesores de Chinese Corner ha puesto todo su interés en que el alumno se sienta a gusto, satisfecho y contento. El progreso es diario y recomiendo este centro, tanto para iniciarse en el chino como para su perfeccionamiento.

白克 (UK)

The incredible staff at Chinese Corner really went out of their way to identify all of my needs and create a personalized course that improved every aspect of my Chinese. I would have never been able to pass the HSK 6 without their help.

裕美 (Japan)

私はチャイニーズコーナーで学んで1年になります。 先生はとても親切で熱心に教えて下さいます。 それぞれの生徒に合わせて指導してもらえるので 中国語が無理なく身についていきます。


The staff are a warm, welcoming and intelligent group of people. They are willing to work extremely hard to help us all, as foreigners, overcome the language barrier and attempt to integrate in to society here more effectively.
In class teachers are both patient and flexible with students, happy to adapt their styles to best suit and aid the needs and aims of the learners under them. They give students every possible opportunity to express themselves in Chinese and have created a friendly and comfortable learning environment to do so.

Kristina (Bulgaria)

За 汉语角 разбрах от зъболекаря си в Ченгду, той и семейството му са също възпитаници на училището. Професията ми изисква добра комуникация с гостите на хотела, в който работя и исках да добия елементарни познания за езика. Колкото повече напредвам в обучението, желанието ми за знания нараства. Гордея се, че съм ученик именно тук. Едни от най- интетесните ми моменти в Ченгду са тези, прекарани в 汉语角.

欧婕 (Switzerland)

Grâce à Chinese Corner j’ai pu améliorer mon chinois et apprendre à mieux comprendre la culture du pays ; tout cela avec des profs très sympathiques et avec grand plaisir. J’étais ravie d’aller au cours tous les jours.

达瓦 (Tibet,China)

我是达瓦卓玛,来自西藏拉萨。我在Chinese Corner 学习汉语两个月了。我的目标是通过HSK6级。在这里学习非常愉快,汉语提高也很快。老师们都很棒,对我有很大的帮助。 谢谢。

Giuliana (Brazil)

Para mim é um prazer fazer parte dos alunos da escola Chinese Corner.  Já estudei outros idiomas e posso dizer que aqui os professores são bem preparados, adequam as aulas às necessidades de cada aluno e parecem sempre felizes em poder me ajudar

Claudia (Germany)

Das Lernen bei Chinese Corner macht sehr viel Spaß. Die Stunden sind individuell auf die Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten und qualifizierte Lehrer holen die Studenten dort ab, wo sie sich befinden. Die Atmosphäre ist sehr freundlich und familiär , so dass man sich sehr gut aufgenommen und aufgehoben fühlt. Oft geht die Unterstützung weit über den Unterricht in das alltägliche Leben hinein, welches hier in China sehr   hilfreich ist. 
 Das sprachliche Angebot wird durch interessante kulturelle Lernangebote wie Malen und Kalligraphie bereichert.
 Alles in allem fühle ich mich sehr gut aufgehoben.

Pierrick Cheminade (France)

Chinese Corner est une école sérieuse et agréable, mon professeur est assez flexible, propose des cours adaptés aux besoin, et fait toujour en sorte que je ne m'ennuie jamais !

Tyson Murphy (Australia)

Chinese Corner is a great place to learn Chinese. It really is what they say - a family! The teachers genuinely care about your learning and want to see you reach your full potential. The teachers are accommodating to individual needs, have structured programs, and most of all make learning Chinese fun! What more could you ask for!

David Wardle (UK)

Chinese Corner has helped me from my first week in China. All of their teachers have not only been encouraging when learning Mandarin, but have also been so helpful outside of class, where their events make it is easy to settle into life in Chengdu.


The teachers at Chinese Corner are fantastic! They pay close attention to students, and we're always helping me to improve my conversational skills. I was very happy with how much I improved while at Chinese Corner.